About the H1

Based on nitrogen.

On site system for the daily on farm euthanasia of piglets and poultry. Ready to use with a semi-automatic process for a consistent result with animal welfare respect and easy to operate in focus. 

About the DS1

The Docking Station.

DS1 is the docking station for distributing control, power and foam agent into the applications. The connections and the fitting tubes are color marked for easy assembly. The DS1 is delivered with a specially designed rack for convenient and safe storage. The rack is mobile to enable the DS1 to be stored away when not used or moved to different places.

More pictures of the H1

Scalable option
can be added.

The H1 can be built with an extra layer on top, which makes the space adaptable to the size of the animals.

For full information about H1’s detailed technical features,
download the product sheet.

Operator friendly

The H1 is designed to be easy and safe to operate 

Management by DS1

The system is run by a easily operated control unit 


By having a semi-automatic process the same result is always achieved

Made in Sweden

Made by carefully chosen materials with focus on quality and practicality


In case of larger animals or more capacity is needed another tier can be added