Swedish research legacy.

Sweden is known for innovation and discovery, with a forward-thinking fostering culture as the backbone. Collaborations with leading scientific institutions and universities have further paved the way to improve our high expansion foam technology.

Sweden has produced a long list of pioneers within different areas, and the vision is to extend that list as the aim is to set a new global standard for stunning technology where animal welfare respect is the primary objective.

Research on animals.

Thorough understanding and validation are a necessity when introducing a new stunning and euthanasia method. Animal research is strictly regulated and shall always be performed with great respect and caution towards the animals. Ethical committees review all applications concerning animal testing and assess whether they are allowed. The framework 3R is an EU-wide approach developed over 50 years ago to conduct more humane animal research, every EU member state has its centre that actively develops, advises, and supports the best practices. The principles of the 3R:

This principle advocates for the replacement of animal testing with alternative methods whenever possible. Alternative methods may include in vitro techniques, computer simulations, or studies involving lower organisms. The goal is to find ways to achieve the same scientific objectives without using animals.

This principle focuses on minimizing the number of animals used in experiments while still obtaining meaningful scientific results. This can be achieved through improved experimental design, statistical methods, and sharing of data to reduce duplication of experiments.

Involves promoting efforts to enhance animal welfare and minimize suffering during experiments. This includes implementing measures to improve housing conditions, provide pain relief, and refine experimental procedures to minimize distress.