One technology all purposes.

One of the great benefits of our technology is scalability, which means the same technology can be applied to groups of animals or to one animal at a time. Size, age or other conditions doesn’t matter, we have the solution.

Whether it is when a disease is spreading, closed borders, transportation accidents or insufficient slaughter capacity maintaining respect for the last step is our main focus. A key part of our solutions and procedures is to keep the environment, staff and other farms safe and in the clear.

Making the last step in the life of farm animals as pain and stress free as possible.

Operator Friendly

Semi-automatic system, easy to use.

Animal walfare respect

Non-aversive technology making the last step pain and stress free.


Standardized operating procedure

Quick reponse

With the container mounted on a truck, the deployment time is fast.

Solutions for
emergency response.

The C3

Large-scale group euthanasia system for emergency situations.

HEFT Foam Agent

Foam concentrate for use of the HEFT systems.