Animal farming has its normal procedures, steps and cycles. But sometimes disaster strikes and the farmer is all of a sudden faced with a not-so-preferred reality. The livestock may have been contaminated with a disease where authorities, rules and regulations tell the farmer to terminate all the livestock.

This is a huge blow to a farm, economically, emotionally as well as practically.
This can be smaller isolated incidents but sometimes more than a few farms are affected, which means it becomes a regional and sometimes a national matter. The worst-case scenario is that it escalates into a global pandemic.


For the purpose to stun and end the life of pigs and poultry the HEFT technology is based on the inclusion of 100% nitrogen gas in high expansion foam. To control the gas, large bubbles are produced and fill the container from the bottom up to replace the air with nitrogen.

One technology all purposes.

One of the great benefits of our technology is scalability, which means the same technology can be applied to groups of animals or to one animal at a time. Size, age or other conditions doesn’t matter, we have the solution.

Whether it is when a disease is spreading, closed borders, transportation accidents or insufficient slaughter capacity maintaining respect for the last step is our main focus. A key part of our solutions and procedures is to keep the environment, staff and other farms safe and in the clear.

Neutralizing risks with the inclusion of LifeClean®.

Using HEFT solutions for the purpose of emergency response we neutralize risks by combining procedures for euthanizing with a chlorine dioxide-based disinfectant, LifeClean®. By breaking the chain of spreading pathogens such as African Swine Fever, Avian Influenza, Salmonella and other diseases between farms, the risk of an escalating outbreak can be minimized.

HEFT solutions make it possible to handle emergencies in a way that both respects animal welfare and neutralizes virus transmission.

Solutions for
emergency response.


A system to euthanize groups of animals during emergency response. The system enables a quick, safe and more respectful management.