Sustainable solutions
to end the life of
pigs and poultry

The nitrogen induced high expansion foam technology creates a controlled atmosphere of less than two percent oxygen. Animals have no receptors for the changed levels of nitrogen and the method does not cause additional stress, pain, or respiratory distress.

Because of the respect for animals

Developed for animal

Based on science and proven methods

Room for improvment, time for change.

Making animal farming more sustainable is one of the biggest challenges of our time. With an increasing global population, there is a growing demand for food. There is also a growing concern for the treatment of animals and the environment.

We can’t claim to have the complete solution for this comprehensive challenge but there is one important part where we can make a difference. The last step in the life of a farm animal. Whether it is the everyday routines at the farm, during an emergency or at the slaughterhouse, maintaining respect for this step is our absolute focus.

We are committed to doing what we can to make it as pain and stress-free as possible. Let’s be honest, there is room for improvement, and it is time for a change.

We provide solutions that support operators with consistency, safety and a non-aversive approach.


Handling of ill, injured or
non-viable animals in the daily production.

Emergency response

Large scale euthanasia of livestock during disease control and emergency response

Food production

Stunning prior to slaughter at the slaughterhouse.

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