The background of HEFT

Committed since childhood.

What started with a child’s experiences when growing up on the family’s poultry farm, has now grown into a global company, committed to improving farm animal management. A commitment that has been present ever since that six-year-old boy said to himself that “this could and should be done in a better way”.

First-hand experience from farm life, and all things related to the steps and cycles of raising animals for food production, in combination with a will to change, is the core of our company. We have developed innovations which makes a big difference in improving the last step in the life of farm animals. In everyday farm situations but also when emergency situations calls for it.

Our vision

We want to see a global change to a sustainable farm animal management.

The individuals behind HEFT consist of investors and a dedicated team who identified a gap in more humane solutions for handling the ending of farm animals’ lives. Upon encountering the HEFT method, they were inspired to commit themselves to the belief that not only can we do better, but we should do better. Our vision to make farm animal management more sustainable necessitates a holistic approach, with every aspect being crucial. We offer a solution to make the final step of farm animal life more humane, and we are committed to its improvement.

Our values.

With respect for animals, nature and humans, we are committed to provide the market with innovative and safe solutions for more sustainable and transparent industries.


We develop new products which improve farm animal management.


Respect is needed in all aspects when dealing with the life and death of farm animals.


We provide the industry with solutions which enables better transparency.


Our concepts are safe for the staff using them and for the environment.


We are driven to make a difference, to improve.

Improving farm animal management.

Individuals working with animals often form personal connections with them, caring deeply about their well-being and finding it distressing when animals suffer. When it comes to ending farm animals’ lives, minimizing stress and pain is critical. We offer safe solutions designed to support operators with consistency and a non-aversive approach, ensuring that the process is as humane as possible.