About the C3

One technology all purposes.


Quick response time.

With the container mounted on a truck, the deployment time is fast and when you reach the destination there are set operated standardized operating procedures.

Combined with LifeClean

Neutralizing the risks with the inclusion of LifeClean.

HEFT solutions make it possible to handle emergencies and outbreak control in a way that both respects animal welfare and neutralize virus transmission. HEFTs solutions make it possible to combine euthanazia and disinfection in one step.

For full information about C3’s detailed technical features,
download the product sheet.

Operator friendly

The C3 is designed to be easy and secure to operate 

Effective carcass disposal management

With this container-based solution you can easily drive off with the carcasses to a disposal spot


By having a semi-automatic process the samresult is always achieved

Made in Sweden

Made by carefully chosen materials with focus on quality and practicality

Limited virus transmission and biosecurity

By reducing the contact between animals and humans while also disinfecting the animals we reach a high level of biosecurity