About HEFT

Innovative agri-tech company.

With focus on animal welfare, we provide innovative and sustainable solutions based on our High Expansion Foam Technology that sets new standards for not only one of our world’s largest industries, but also for an industry we all rely on.

Making animal farming more sustainable, is one of the biggest challenges of our time. With an increasing global population and growing demand for food, animal welfare is often compromised to meet the demand. As food consumers it is all our collective responsibility to be aware and push for minimal animal suffering.

HEFT is a Swedish company committed to improving the last step of farm animals’ lives and thereby focusing on developing cost and time-effective methods to reduce animal suffering, improve working conditions amongst animal care workers, and minimize environmental impact.

Message from
the CEO.

With an increasing global population, there is a constantly growing demand for food, and more animals need to be stunned and euthanized daily for different reasons. Increased demand at the expense of animals. Responsibility is the keyword, and we see it essential to provide a more humane stunning and euthanasia solution with minimal stress and pain at the end of farm animals life.

Independently what the opinion concerning meat consumption is, the industry will remain for a long time to come. We see room for improvement, and there is time for change.

Nicole Krefting



Our mission

To create global solutions for more sustainable farm animal management.

Our vision

We want to see a global change towards more sustainable farm animal management.

Our goal

To be the category leader of more humane stunning methods

The market.

The global meat sector is continually growing and is forecasted to keep growing, at the same time there is significant pressure from governments, authorities, and organisations to replace the most common stunning methods in slaughterhouses, like carbon dioxide and electrocution due to animal welfare concerns. Naturally, as the demand for meat rises, producers and farmers are confronted with challenges in scaling up production and rapid growth, relying on safe and efficient equipment to deal with the daily struggles of euthanasing sick, injured, and non-viable animals. 

HEFT Investor Relations.