Safe and effective technology.

There are many different sections within the handling and breeding of animals, but the one thing they all have in common is for various reasons animals need to be euthanised daily. This may be due to a disease, injury, or other non-viable reason. Our nitrogen induced high expansion foam technology facilitates a more humane, quick, and effective euthanasia in a consistent and controlled manner.

The operator can rely on the quality of the process controlled by the system while maintaining high safety.

Making the last step in the life of farm animals as pain and stress free as possible.

Operator friendly

Semi-automatic system, easy to use.

Animal welfare respect

Non-aversive technology making the last step pain and stress free.


Human method to enable more transparency.


One process to always deliver same result.

On-farm solutions.

The C1

For small to mid-size animals with a walk-in feature.

The H1

For smaller animals, such as piglets and poultry.

HEFT Foam Agent

Foam concentrate for use of the HEFT systems.