About LifeClean

The ideal solution for a safer world.

LifeClean is a modern disinfectant with broad and superior efficacy developed with care for the environment, humans and animals.

LifeClean breaks down biofilms and eliminates microbes. Continuous use of LifeClean counteracts the construction of biofilms. As part of the product’s unique composition, it also contains surfactants that provide a cleaning effect.


More environmentally friendly.

LifeClean is non-hazardous waste, has no GHS / CLP hazard pictograms and is classified as non-dangerous for neither the environment nor users. The components of LifeClean are biodegradable and do not accumulate in nature.

LifeClean does not produce chlorinated by-products such as chloramines and other chlorinated by-products, that are dangerous, and in some cases carcinogenic, which can occur when using hypochlorite-based disinfectants.

Remains can be flushed down the drain.

Large scale disinfection

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High efficacy

LifeCleans broad efficacy eliminates spores & biofilm, mycobacterium, non-enveloped viruses, fungi, chlamydiae enveloped viruses, pseudomonads, gram and positive bacteria

Non-hazardous waste

LifeClean is classified as non-hazardous waste with no pictograms on the safety data sheet

Short contact time

Shorter contact time than drying time means that no re-application is needed.

Does not create resistance

RNA is destroyed by altering the genetic coding, DNA is destroyed and prevents multiplication and resistance development.

More gentle to users, animals and the environment

LifeClean is effective at very low concentrations. Reacts quickly on contact with the surface, the gas diffuses immediately and does not leave hazardous residues or toxic compounds.