Why HEFT ?

Because of the respect for animals

Developed for animal care-workers

Based on science
and proven methods

Today and future

The Background of HEFT

Committed since childhood.

What started with a child’s experiences growing up on the family’s poultry farm, has now grown into a global company, committed to improve farm animal management. A commitment ever since that six-year-old boy said to himself “this could and should be done in a better way”.
First-hand experience from farm life, and all things related to the steps and cycles of raising animals for food production, in combination with a will to change, is the core of our company.

Patented technology for a more sustainable farm animal management.

With high expansion nitrogen induced foam technology a controlled atmosphere is created. Animal have no receptors for nitrogen and the procedure does not cause additional stress, pain or respiratory distress.

our products

Solutions for the
daily routine to stun
and end the life of
pigs and poultry

We provide solutions that support operators with consistency, safety and a non-aversive approach.


Handling of ill, injured or
non-viable animals in the daily production.

Emergency response

Large-scale handling of animals due to outbreaks such as Avian Influenza, African Swine Fever, Salmonella or closed borders due to other reasons.


Large scale disinfection based on high expansion foam with inclusion of LifeClean®